Saturday, March 1, 2008

Obama's Knock-Out

We've watched Obama rocket to the top of the Democratic world in just a few short years. What is it about the junior senator from Illinois that voters find so appealling that Hillary Clinton has been left in the dust? Perhaps it comes down to money:

Mr. Obama’s financial advantage is helping him beyond the airwaves. His campaign flew 200 paid organizers from across the country to 10 campaign offices in Texas right after the Feb. 5 primaries, aides said, when some of Mrs. Clinton’s staff members were volunteering to work without pay. Another 150 were sent to build get-out-the-vote networks in Ohio, working for Paul Tewes, who was the Obama campaign’s director in Iowa. Mr. Obama’s eight-point victory in that state’s caucuses gave his campaign a huge boost.
To gain his financial advantage Obama developed a visionary presence, one not backed by substance but built on charisma.

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